MaskaMap was Awarded Make The World A Better Place App by

A few weeks ago Return Path announced the winners of the Context.IO App Challenge Hackathon. There was only a limited amount of prizes awarded, far less than the number of impressive submissions received. We felt others were also deserving of recognition therefore the Context.IO team has created its own excellence awards.

So…Congratulations!!! We are pleased to announce that your application MaskaMap has been awarded the Make The World A Better Place App by the Context.IO team.

Your award category, Make The World A Better Place App, is given to the application best able to improve the health, safety, and quality of life across the world.

Thank you for your participation. We value your innovation and efforts, and encourage you to continue the good work. If there’s anything we can help you with please let us know!

Christina Sam
Context.IO Product Management | Return Path