World Air Quality

iOS Simulator Screen Shot May 19, 2015, 12.08.40 PMThe World Air quality Index(AQI) or Pollution Index App will give you the quality of Air at a given location. Your health effect is directly proportional to the AQI means an increase in the AQI may have adverse & severe health effects. Being aware of the air quality these days has become essential with constant threats like global warming, industrialization & nuclear activities across the globe. This App may be handy for all travelers(domestic or international) to know the Air quality info on real time and are advised to do so. So the World AQI App brings you air quality information from across the world. The index values are divided into ranges and each range
can be projected with a descriptor or color code.

– The App has an expanded list of counties and cities all over the world.
– It has air quality info of around 400 cities across USA
– Around 50 cities across Canada
– It also covers Hongkong, Thailand, China and Malaysia
– Covers more than 100 cities around Europe.
– One other cool feature is the ‘My Cities’ option which lets you bookmark or save the most queried cities in the my cities tab.