How it Works

  • Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 4.56.38 PMMASKAiOT is a line of ‘smart’ respirators designed based on the company’s patented AF (Active Filtration) system.
  • Certain models combine with built-in sensors that enable continuous monitoring of the respiratory rate, sensing the pollution, organic particles and automatically adjusting the filtration process.
  • Optional low power Bluetooth capability together with utilizing Smartphone and Smartwatch apps enable some user control as well as communication of the filtration system


Solution Overview

  • maskaiotLow cost, highly effective, high-tech solution to replace an old low tech, inefficient solution
  • Environment pollution sensor to detect contamination and organic particles
  • Respiratory sensors to control and adjust the mask through smartphones
  • Minimal airway resistance keeps the user very comfortable
  • Multiple Targeted Markets